How to get a free PS4 no scam, 100% legit.

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Before you call this a scam just spend a couple of minutes to read this through and you will see it really isn't.

How to get your free PS4

1. Sign up using this link
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2. Complete an offer or trial (More details further on)

3. Get the required number of people to do the same using your link.

4. Receive your free PS4

Offers and trials
All the offers and trials available are by well known companies such as AOL, Green flag and LOVEFiLM. Currently in my opinion the best FREE offer to take part in is the 1&1 offer. All you need to do is sign up for the free trial and publish a website (Canceling straight away doesn't count), alternatively another free one is the AA credit card offer where users simply apply for a credit card from the AA. If your looking for an offer that doesn't require a credit card as proof of identity, try the Little Bid Tasty offer as they accept PayPal.

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